Damai Putra Development have three clusters scattered in several areas in Yogyakarta. Understand the closeness to nature and culture, We present the warm concept of home sweet home.

Casa Grande

Casa Grande

Casa Grande has built on an area more than 15 ha in the north eastern Jogjakarta. The strategic location from the town and the airport make it have a high investment value.

Green Hills

Green Hills Residence

Being in a beautiful environment and integrated with nature, make the only area that can provide security and comfort as well as high privacy for occupant.

Vasana Residence

Vasana Residence

Vasana Residence presents an exclusive residential area with a touch of tropical and modern art. Built on area more than 8 hectares (+234 houses) with cluster systems.


Damai Putra Development have three products residential and real estate are scattered in several strategic locations in Yogyakarta.

Evodia Green Hills

Evodia Type 90

Green Hills Residence
Ifolia Green Hills

Ivolia Type 120

Green Hills Residence
Heliconia Casa Grande

Heliconia Type 250

Casa Grande
Aralia Casa Grande

Aralia Type 215

Casa Grande
Marbella Vasana Residence

Marbella Type 95

Vasana Residence
Marbella Vasana Residence

Marbella Type 170

Vasana Residence
Granada T90 Vasana Residence

Granada Type 95

Vasana Residence
Andara Type Optional Vasana Residence

Andara Type Optional

Vasana Residence
Navara T140 Vasana Residence

Navara Type 140

Vasana Residence

About Us

Damai Putra Development established April 30th 1981, is a developer active in the field of commercial, residential and township development. Damai Putra Development has built over 30.000 homes throughtout Indonesia. Damai Putra Development present in Jakarta, Bekasi, Magelang, Yogyakarta, and Sidoarjo.

Our Team

Damai Putra Development have an experienced and professionals teams in the field to build several real estate projects in Jogjakarta and Magelang.

Planning Damai Putra Jogja

As a development planner, make schematic architectural concept development, research field data, structure design, construction, and create amazing products.

Planning Team
Marketing Damai Putra Jogja

Marketing plans, monitoring and evaluation functions and marketing reach, manage scheduling of promotional activities, and create a good relationship with consumer.

Marketing Team
Verificate Damai Putra Jogja

Plan, develop, and control the financial and accounting functions in the company in providing financial information in a comprehensive and timely to assist companies in decision making processes that support the achievement of financial targets.

Verificate Team
Finance Damai Putra Jogja

Controlling finance and accounting functions of the company, responsible for the financial functions in operational jobs.

Finance Team
Estate Damai Putra Jogja

Responsible for the management and maintenance of residence environment, after-sales service, and establish a relationship with citizens housing residents, housing associations, and the general public.

Estate Team
Legal Damai Putra Jogja

Managed of internal and external legality. Also for the development of human resources in terms of planning, implementation and supervision of human resource activities.

Legal Team


Construction progress of our development achieved a significant level of positive and appropriate planning our time.

Casa Grande - 89%
Green Hills - 94%
Vasana Tahap 1 - 33%

Some of Other Project


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